Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday Everyone!

So it's Friday again. And the minute we walk into work we start riding out the rest of the day. Me, I'm just riding it out until 1, and then I'm gone. I decided to take half a day today so I can help with the family at home. Chels has been feelin overwhelmed a little this week, so I'm goin hom to get some stuff done to relieve that feeling.

Also, It's been a lil while since I posted. I wanted to wait until I wrote up my Birth Story for Kylie, but I've been super busy with work, I just decided to let you all know I'm Alive! Lately, things have been crazy at work and kinda busy at home. Two kids are hard to keep up with and I'm only there at night! We' ve been trying to teach Carson to put his toys AWAY when he is done with them, but that means just putting them under the baby swing and then it piles up. We bought him this somewhat expensive Thomas the Train set (the nice wooden tracks with the magnetic trains instead of battery operated ones) It's just a oval track but I taught him to use a book as a bridge so he has something to go under, and put cans or other toys in the middle for scenery. (He calls them mountains) I plan on buying more of these trains tracks so we have a bigger one for him.

Found out this week too that this or next month will be my last doing the Musco vans for Doak's Details. I guess they are hiring a guy to do car cleaning, vehicle maint scheduling, and grounds keeping (which I might apply for). But i've been having people ask here and there about detailing so I hope I pick up a few there.... I have plans in place to maybe build a garage in the back and set it up to do details efficiently, and then pick up Carriker Fords cars and possibly overflow for Osky Motors and such. I hear Carriker needs help for their cleaning!

I haven't posted since Kylie was born, but I'm sure you all are aware of her now! She is a beautiful little girl who is pretty content most of the time. She has let me put her to sleep a few times, but other than that she is a mommas girl! (that is until she realizes she can sucker her Dad, stickin out that bottom lip). I seen her do that the other day and I told Chelsea, "That bottom lip is gon cost me a lot of money!" But it's all good. I don't mind it. I'd rather be spending money on the people I love than being addicted to expensive stuff like smoking, drinking, drugs and etc.

But anyways, I hope you all have a great and safe weekend. I am going to be cutting down a tree hopefully! There's a evergreen/something tree in my back yard that I have been wanting to get out of there! Eyesore! See you all later!