Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's been a while.....

Hello all....

Here I am! Now, I know you all sit at home and wonder about me, since it's been almost and entire year since I have posted. Well, you'll be pleased to know that I am still alive and planning on posting more random things about my life and family and most likely other things that none of you should ever read about, especially from me! But I will try to make it as entertaining and enlightening as possible! Our first topic today:

Noetic Science

The purpose of Noetic Science is to study the consciousness of the human mind, and it "untapped" potential. The studies they have done indicate that concentration of the human mind on a particular object, or intention, can change the outcome of the actions of object or event.

For instance, a Random Event Generator is a machine that randomly chooses a series of ones and zeroes and is imported into a line graph. When the generator chooses (at random) a different number (such as 5 0's and then a 1) the line shows a slight curve. This slight curve is indicating the Randomly chosen "Event".

One of the studies done in Noetic Sciences resulted in the REG becoming less random when a group of people concentrated on a particular event, so the curves in the line decreased by x amount of times compared to it randomly being chosen. Also, approximately 4 hours before 9/11 occurred, these REG machines showed a significant change in patterns. The same thing happened 24 hours before the Tsunami in 2004. (Google it, it's documented)

The principal of this test was to reveal if the human mind can indeed influence it's surroundings by mere thoughts. This isn't a new thing. Old Indian tribes had a "New Age" belief that every living thing; whether it be a tree, animal, plants, water; has a spirit and these spirits can interact with us. (Ever seen the Disney movie Pocahontas) Now I personally don't believe that everything has a "Spirit" or a state of mind, but I do believe that everything has a specific pattern, an underlying frequency, or vibration, that can effect our bodies in positive, and very negative ways.

Now you wonder, "How can something have a 'underlying frequency or vibration'? It's not like things are moving or anything. Like a plant, or fruit/vegetable." Easily explained. Gravity. Gravity, or the CONSTANT pull from the Earth's rotation, is constantly moving, pulling, and pushing on everything. A rock standing still is indeed standing still, but it is being pulled against the ground, the half-wall, the other rock it's sitting on. Wherever that rock is sitting, it's weight comes from the earth's center of gravity pulling on it, causing a interaction with something constantly. So if that object has a specific energy/frequency to it, and gravity is constantly interacting with this object, then that energy/frequency is being expelled when gravity is acting upon it, which will be ALWAYS.

Anyways, this is another subject I will be speaking about next. They are kind of related, but back to Noetic Science:

This study with the Random Event Generator was a breakthrough for Noetic studies. It opened doors for a lot of potential in the human mind. Can we influence our surroundings by mere thoughts? The weird (cool) thing is, since the human mind is so complex and extremely mysterious, we can't possibly know the answer. I can't say no it's not possible, and I can't say yes it is possible. Simply because there is no evidence to push the opinion either which way. I'm wondering if your Faith is irrelevant when it comes to this. My Faith is in Christ and his unconditionally loving Father, but maybe God created us with this potential? Maybe not.. I believe God created man in His image, and our bodies, the Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe are all his creations. I believe he created the Universe and it's exponential size as a mere "show" for us to recognize His awesome power. I don't think we are meant to explore it. We can't. We can't set foot on Jupiter or the Sun, or even Mars, without the proper suits, the money thrown at their design and materials to withstand the pressure. Why do you think all that is there? To challenge us to overcome the obstacle? Absolutely not. It's there to keep us away.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to go to the Moon, or even outer space. When I die, I want to be jettisoned into outer space, to feel and recognize how awesome my God is. But there is a line between challenging and "not supposed to go there" and we as mankind are bordering this line a little too closely.....

One more thing about Noetic Science. When thinking about Aliens and such, it seems that all races of man have the same thinking when it comes to UFOs and Aliens. The Mayans and Aztecs have tons of drawings in caves and walls that indicate a bright shining lights and objects in the sky, or a moving object above them. Even some of them have drawings of different beings that they have had interactions with. In other countries, China, Japan, Russia, all over the U.S., all across the world, people are still reporting and documenting these events. What is the truth behind this? Maybe there isn't one. Maybe it is simply a understanding/misunderstanding that Mankind has in it's DNA that automatically thinks about these things. An underlying state -of-mind that we can't explain, that sees these things, or thinks it sees these things. For what purpose, I do not know, and probably will not know. I base my assumption that there are no other life forms in our Universe simply because they are not mentioned in the Bible. I believe the Bible, even though the Bible is comprised of only what previous "Scholars and Religious leaders" had chosen for it to include. Maybe there is something else, missing from our everyday Faith readings, that explains these intentions and thoughts, the basis of our underlying intuitions, and possibly explain our apparent connection to the Earth and it's inhabitants, whether they be Humans or our surroundings... Interesting stuff, eh?

All this is just relative to the irrelevant though..... ;)

(I do not endorse Noetic Science or necessarily believe in what has been written, it is merely a ruse to discuss possibilities, and explore!)