Friday, July 11, 2008


Happy Friday everybody!
I love Fridays... Looking forward to the weekend, relax tonight, watch a movie, play with Carson, get stuff done. Well this Friday had a change of pace. We had a little girl this morning!!!

Just kidding, but it was a different morning. I got up at 5:15AM and met my dad at Harvest Point Golf Course and we tee'd off at 5:30! I tell you what, I think I had my best round EVER this morning. I shot a 6 over par, and par was at 35, so I shot a 41. For all of you who read this (if anyone) and is wondering, "What the crap is Par?" Here's what it is: If a hole is a Par 3, that means that your goal is to get the ball from the tee into the hole in 3 or less shots. 2 shots is a Birdie, and 1 is an eagle, technically a hole-in-one for a par 3, but a par 4 and 5 are the same concept. So, you add up all the pars on each hole and you come up with 35 for Harvest Point.
On each hole, you have Double Eagle, Eagle, Birdie, Par, Bogey, and Double bogey. Double eagle is 3 under par, eagle is 2 under par, birdie is 1 under par, par is par, bogey is one over par, and double bogey is 2 over par.... Anything after that is just called +x...
Anyways, so I shot a bogey, bogey, bogey, bogey, par, par, bogey, double bogey, and birdie... All equaling up to 41 strokes, par is 35, 6 over par...

All in all, I did pretty good (for me anyways) Some people would consider that bad. But hey, I hope to get better! my goal is to par the course by the end of the year! I used to have a really bad slice (hitting the ball straight and then it curves hardcore to the right ) so I asked a routine golfer here at work about it (Kiley Broadway) and he gave me some tips and it helped tremendously!

Anyways, still no sign of baby yet... I am hoping this weekend and then take all next week and then through wed of the next week off work, but who knows. This baby obviously is as stubborn as his/her mother and father! So keep my wife Chelsea in your prayers! She is getting impatient! So am I, but it will happen when it's ready. I trust in God to make the best decision for me and my Family in that area!.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and stay safe!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st

Hello all. I hope all is well with everyone and this week will be a good one!

Right now, I am at work making call after call, doing my daily follow up calls from previous reports I have started. There are about 50 I would say. Not too but, but 4 of us have about that many, so I try to help all those too!

Well I started my first furniture cleaning last night. A buddy from work asked me to clean some furniture he has. I told him I wouldn't charge him normal or at all since this would be my first time doing it on furniture, and it is more like a test run. And thankfully they were really bad! (I know that sounds weird, but it is good) Having really dirty and nasty furniture will let me know how much I can get out without using heavy duty cleaning materials. The chair was the worst. It had mold spots and was pretty bad. So, i got out the $4,000 carpet extractor and put it to use! I have this cleaning solution that eats organic materials (aka: mold or anything that is produced naturally from bacteria and waste) and it worked amazing! It got most of the mold out and it gave the color back to the chair, got all the dirt out and it looks awesome. I was impressed. I got about 3/4 of the chair done, and I would've had it all done but my garage doesn't have much space right now and I was on and off the phone quite a bit. But after about 1 1/2 hours I got most of it done. It looks awesome! I hope he spreads the word, cause it was kinda fun to do. Both my good friends do stuff like that for a job so I hope they don't feel like I'm the enemy. HAHA, right, like I threaten Craig;)

Quick update: Finishing the drywall in the bathroom this week, then it's painting bathroom and second bedroom. Think all we are doing is the living room and kitchen wall then all the house stuff is done on that... I will need to do tile and stuff in bathroom sometime too, but better than have it all "unchecked"!

Well, have a good Tuesday and rest of the week, and keep my good friend Ashley in your prayers. Thanks!