Friday, May 30, 2008

Today is Friday, and boy am I glad! Sort of... Friday just means another weekend of working on the house, which I'm excited to get done, but kinda not looking forward to getting into my crawlspace again! I have to run a new copper line set to the AC from the furnace and then hopefully sometime soon I can get the AC hooked up. our house stays somewhat ok, but still hot at nights..

Here is my list of stuff to hopefully get done this weekend:
Tonight: Paint the window trim in living room (Not the big one, still need to replace the cracked window sometime). And do the caulk in the shower tonight after our showers.

Tomorrow: Run copper line set; after garage sale, try to do garage windows; set new AC; re-install kitchen trim.

Sunday: Family reunion in afternoon, and if I don't get the windows done, do them then, and if they are done, I will get the computer room ready to paint... which means moving all the stuff outta there, finding a place for computer and desk, and taking stuff into attic... Fun stuff

And thats my work plan. As most of you know, I am a little bit of a movie/video game buff. I have 2 movies to watch and a couple games I like to get a lil bit of time in, which are:
August Rush
Rambo (New One)
Lego Star Wars (Hey, it's fun!)
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (Kinda like Indiana Jones)

There are my later-at-night plans, after Carson is in bed and all the stuff is done for the day...

Another dumb thing one our countries states are doing: Colorado is allowing gays/lesbians to go to the opposite sexes bathroom/locker rooms/shower rooms. never mind the sexual predators who will take advantage of this. So stupid.

Anyways, thats all for today.

My blessings to you and your families.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Hump Day

SO today is Wednesday, and I believe they call it Hump Day. Mostly because it's the middle of the week, and if the week were a hill being climbed, with all the proper safety gear and following all the codes of the Climbers Association of Iowa and Other Awesome States of course, then Wednesday would be the top of the hill, and the rest of the week follows. And of course, the other thing about Hump Day....... Think like the Doak's and you'll figure that one out;)

I have to work late tonight, a customer called in needing to "Commission" his new lighting system, which means we run a test with the lights and then turn them on for 30 minutes. Once the lights burn fo the 30 minutes, we take a reading on each pole on how much electricity it is pulling from the grid, and save that in our memory bank so if a lamp were to burn out, then we would read a different amount than the initial commissioning amerage. Anyways, long story short, its a 45 minute process and he calls at 4:50.... Fun Fun. But I guess I don't mind. Only thing is, I have a full detail tonight that I want to go quick, and then I am working out with my Sister-in-Laws boyfriend at his place after that. Trying to get back in shape. Austin and Tyler made fun of me a few months ago for my "Man Boobs". So trying to get rid of that!

And then my wife asked me to paint the kitchen windows. And I also have to redo the caulking in our shower, and install our new A/C, and paint a few more rooms, and then try to get a shower/tub combo installed, and try to keep up with working out and car details, and try to be there for my family!!!!!!

And to all who make fun of me: This is why I have GRAY HAIR! I swear i'm going to look like George Clooney in 2 years, except not as rich.... Bummer....

Anyways, I just realized I could write on this thing forever and probably bore you so much that you would rather watch a movie from the silent film era.... So to all a good night!

My blessings to you and your families.